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Innovative Solutions

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Text and graphic proofreading software

TVT (Text Verification Tool®) is a text and graphic proofreading software that saves time, prevents errors, costly misprints, and recalls. It easily compares your artwork file to the original manuscript and clearly marks any text or image deviations. TVT ensures that only approved content is printed or published.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspection Software

ImageCompare simplifies and expedites the processing of checking and giving leave in the inspection of pharmaceutical packaging immensely. This digital aid in daily work augments the security of the inspection dramatically and closes the gap in the digital pdf-workflow.

High Tech Robot to clean Air Ducts using Dry Ice

JettyRobot delivers a robust solution for pipeline maintenance across industries. Ideal for Pipe Inspection, Cleaning, Coating, and custom tasks, it enhances safety and efficiency. This technology streamlines maintenance and ensures pipeline integrity, addressing diverse industry needs.

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